Torrontes in the roots of the argentine white grape

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Wine: Torrontes, a South American summer white

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Torrontes – Argentina’s Favorite White Wine Variety

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Altaland I.P. Salta Torrontes

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See the details below and user my recommendation at our Society Club Tasting this Thursday.

Torrontés, the new Pinot Grigio?

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Torrontés is also grown in other regions of Argentina, including the provinces of La Rioja, Mendoza, San Juan and Rio Negro. But it is Salta and Catamarca, in particular that are considered the best of its kind in the entire world. Torrontes is a name rapidly becoming synonymous with the white wines of Argentina.

It doesn't represent just a single grape variety, however – several varieties bear the name Torrontes.


The most significant of these are Torrontes Sanjuanino, Torrontes Mendocino and Torrontes Riojano. Torrontés is a floral, fragrant, crisp white vitis vinifera unique to Argentina. It’s easy to drink, especially as an aperitif and is often viewed as a more fragrant and fruity substitute for Pinot Grigio.

Feb 02,  · Indeed, inArgentina exported more thancases of torrontés to the United States, according to Wines of Argentina, a trade group.

That figure may seem minuscule next to the million cases of Argentine malbec the United States received that year. The Torrontes grape is cultivated in the Argentine provinces of Catamarca, La Rioja, Mendoza, Salta, San Juan and Rio Negro.

The Torrontes wine made from this white grape is considered the best of its kind in the entire world. The Torrontes grape, grown only in Salta, produces a light, sweet white wine.

Don’t be turned off by the screw cap you'll often see on bottles of the variety: The wine requires little aging, and.

Torrontes in the roots of the argentine white grape
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