The undemocratic features of the reform act of britain after 1867

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How democratic Britain became - 1867 - 1928

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Education Act Education Act Third Reform Act Research each reform. Explain in no more than three sentences how each act made Britain a more democratic country. Explain which features of a democracy are improved by the passing of each reform.

The 1832 Reform Act

NB - some features are not dealt with by these reforms. 1. Reform Act When the Duke of Wellington failed to recruit other significant figures into his cabinet, William was forced to ask Grey to return to office.

In his attempts to frustrate the will of the electorate, William IV lost the popularity he had enjoyed during the first part of his reign. The second reform act of advanced Britain on its path to democracy although there remained many undemocratic aspects in the governance of Britain.

Reforms after 1867

The reform bill did many things to increase democracy in Britain. It increased the electorate by a million meaning that one in. Conditions in Victoria leading to the Eureka Stockade.

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The undemocratic features of the reform act of britain after 1867
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