The trendelenburg position essay

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Tredelenburg Position and Hypotension Essay Abstract Hypotension is The purpose of this research was to review information on the use of the Trendelenburg position or variations of it to determine whether this position has an impact on hemodynamic status, to describe historical practices of the Trendelenburg position, state the.

The Trendelenburg position involves the patient being placed with their head down and feet elevated. This position was promoted as a way to increase venous return to the heart, increase cardiac. After the upright studies, horizontal and Trendelenburg positions with thick and thin barium may follow.A patient is shown in position for an RAO projection with a cup of thin barium.

“Trendelenburg position is widely used by nurses and other healthcare providers as a first-line intervention in the treatment of acute hypotension and / or shock. A review of the results of five research studies did not provide overwhelming support for.

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The trendelenburg position essay
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