The role of chorus in socrates play antigone

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Chorus In Antigone

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The Function of Chorus in Greek Drama

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Chorus In Antigone

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The Oedipus Trilogy

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The Oedipus Trilogy

On hearing the news of her son's death, Eurydice, the queen, also kills herself, cursing Creon. Alone, in despair, Creon accepts responsibility for all the tragedy and prays for a quick death. The conflict between Creon and Antigone is one of conflicting values and duties.

Creon is trying to establish himself as king. What Is the Conflict Between Antigone and Creon? A: Quick Answer. Sophocles' "Antigone," the climactic play in his Theban trilogy, is set entirely outside the palace gates of Thebes in Ancient Greece.

A. The Function of Chorus in Greek Drama. Dancers preparing for Greek Chorus. Photo by Andrew Mirhej. Although the historical origins of Greek drama are unclear it may be said it had relevance to religion, art and to the love of expression and perceptive storytelling in general.

The origins of the chorus in particular may have stemmed out of ancient rites and rituals with elements of song and. Sophocles also uses the Chorus to expound upon the play's central themes. In Antigone we get choral odes on everything from the triumph of man over nature, to the dangers of pride, to the hazards of love.

The roles of representative, intermediary, entertainer, and commentator are what the Choragus plays in 'Antigone'.

Three Views of the Model Citizen: Socrates, Antigone, and Oedipus

The Choragus in fact is the Leader of the Chorus of Theban elders. He thereby. A chorus of Aeschylus' almost always continues or intensifies the moral nature of the play, while one of Euripides' frequently strays far from the main moral theme.

The chorus in Antigone lies somewhere in between; it remains within the general moral and the immediate scene, but allows itself to be carried away from the occasion or the initial .

The role of chorus in socrates play antigone
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Chorus In Antigone