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"The Rattler" is a simple, yet powerful chronicle of a man's killing of a rattlesnake in a desert. In saying this, the author makes it evident that there is a greater purpose in killing the rattler, that the persona sees his defeat of the rattler as undesirable yet necessary.

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Essay The author of the passage, "The Rattler" creates two equally likable characters which presents a dilemma for the reader. The author wants the reader to believe that life is dear in his story "The Rattler." The author uses smaller effect to produce the overall picture of life being dear.

The conflict between the snake and man makes the reader.

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This essay will examine the Victorian social institutions of marriage, motherhood, law, prostitution, and conventional sexual values, from a bourgeois woman’s point of view, all of which played roles in hindering women in day-to-day life, and furthered the notion of women as beings governed solely by their reproductive systems.

The rattler essay setting
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