The major causes of desertification of the earth

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What is Desertification?

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Desertification Top 10 List

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4. What are the major causes of desertification? What social, economic, and policy factors can contribute to desertification?; Does globalization play a role in desertification?; How can land use affect desertification?

What is a Drought?

"Desertification is caused by a combination of factors that change over time and vary by location. These include. only is desertification harmful to the earth and its inhabitants, but it is also expensive – each year, the world loses US$42 billion to desertification and its effects.

The causes of desertification are both natural and man-made. Desertification has played a major part in much of recent human history (last 10, or so years). It’s contributed to the collapse of many major civilizations and empires — from Carthage, to the Harappan Civilization, to Ancient Greece, to the Roman Empire, to Ancient China, etc.

Desertification: Desertification, the process by which natural or human causes reduce the biological productivity of drylands (arid and semiarid lands).

Declines in productivity may be the result of climate change, deforestation, overgrazing, poverty, political instability, unsustainable irrigation practices, or. In our world everything interconnected each other.

In our daily activity we have to mange how to protect our environment. If we are not doing our part our world will be dagers to live on it. Our west became for our self toxic if are not mange how to control it.


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Desertification Top 10 List

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The major causes of desertification of the earth
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Scientific Facts on Desertification