The listing regulations of the dhaka

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Brac Bank accused of breaching DSE listing regulations

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(1) No listing of a Company or securities, shall be permitted unless the company or the authorised representative on behalf of the securities has provided an undertaking under a common seal and authorised signature to abide by these Regulations. Rules and Regulations Listing Regulations.

Listing Regulations, (Reference) Listing Regulations (Repealed) Process of Listing; STOCK EXCHANGE BUILDING, 9/F MOTIJHEEL C/A, DHAKA BANGLADESH Phone:. If YCP is available, CHANGE = (LTP - YCP) %CHANGE = ((LTP - YCP)x/ YCP) LTP = Last Traded Price CLOSEP* = Closing Price: Otherwise, CHANGE = (LTP -.

Short title and extent of applicability: (1) These Regulations may be called the "Listing Regulations of the Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited” The Regulations shall apply to all companies and securities applying for listing and those listed on the Exchange.

According to the listing regulations of the Dhaka stock exchange limited: a) No dealings in securities of a company shall be allowed on the Exchange either on the Ready quotation Board or Cleared List, unless the company or the securities have been listed and permission for such dealing has been granted in accordance with these Regulations.

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The listing regulations of the dhaka
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DSE Listing Regulations | Dhaka Stock Exchange