The children act of 1989 essay

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Children act 1989 (England and Wales) Essay Sample

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Children Act 1989

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The Children Act () The Children’s Act () was introduced to clarify existing laws affecting children. This was the first time in the UK that children’s rights were acknowledged and highlighted parental responsibility.

The Children Act - is the most relevant legislation for safeguarding children and young people’s welfare. It was first made to give boundaries and. Part five of the children act deals with disputes between parent and the state regarding the care and upbringing of the children, many of the changes introduced by the Act were a response to sustained criticism about the complexities, anomalies and injustice of previous legislation.

This essay will first address the statute used and interpretation of the threshold test by the courts, and then focus on cases involving vulnerable children to assess whether the statute in The Children Act is sufficient in protecting these children from harm. The Children Act of In this essay, I refer to the words Power and Duty.

The word power in legal terms is the ability to do or act, which implies a choice. The Children Act was first introduced in and was amended in after an inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie.

After the death of eight-year old Victoria Climbie inLord Laming was asked by the Government to carry out an investigation to know if new regulation and guidance were needed to develop the safeguard of child system in .

The children act of 1989 essay
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Children act (England and Wales) | Essay Example