The birth narrative

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Nativity of Jesus

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Birth Narrative: Luke

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Jesus’ Birth Narratives in Matthew and Luke

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FAITH QUEST Mary and Joseph Birth Narrative Workshop Leaders’ Bible Study. This workshop leader’s Bible study is a historical, theological, and contextual introduction to the Advent – Mary and Joseph Birth Narrative rotation of Kirk of Kildaire’s Faith Quest workshop rotation program.

It is intended to provide workshop leaders with: · A. The Jesus Traditions Home Page is readily accessible by clicking on Contents, to be found at the top and bottom of each page.

Back to Jesus Traditions: Home. Birth Narrative Issues: A number of more specialized questions require discussion, in addition to the more general.

John’s Gospel focuses on the Divine attributes of Jesus. John purposefully leaves out any mention of Mary, Joseph and all the other characters that Matthew and Luke mentions in their birth narratives.

John clearly communicates that this birth is the most significant event in the history of the world. The birth narrative in the book of Luke is like no other story seen in the synoptic gospels. There is a strong emphasis on Jesus and John inside their mothers, where as the book of Matthew places much more emphasis on the events and signs surrounding Jesus’s birth.

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The birth narrative
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