Poverty as the deprivation in well being


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Goal: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

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BOX Human well-being is the extent to which individuals have the ability and the opportunity to live the kinds of lives they have reason to value. Well-being is a central concept in positive psychology.

Chapter Understanding the Nature of Poverty

Positive psychology is concerned with eudaimonia, "the good life", reflection about what holds the greatest value in life – the factors that contribute the most to a well-lived and fulfilling life. This entry is concerned with extreme poverty.

The World Bank is the main source for global information on extreme poverty today and it sets the International Poverty Line. The poverty line was revised in —since then, a person is considered to be in extreme poverty if they live on less than international dollars (int.-$) per day.

Well-being, wellbeing, or wellness is the condition of an individual or group. A high level of well-being means that in some sense the individual's or group's condition is positive. what is necessary for material well-being — especially food but also housing, land, and other assets.

Poverty is the lack of multiple resources leading to physical deprivation. Clark, D. A. (), “Adaptation, Poverty and Well-Being: Some Issues and Observations with Special Reference to the Capability Approach and Development Studies”, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 10 (1): 21–

Poverty as the deprivation in well being
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Understanding the Nature of Poverty