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Gabrielle Jones, a 12th-grader at Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Cleveland, won the grand prize – a four-year scholarship totaling $50, – in the fourth annual “Stop the Hate.

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The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage “Stop the Hate” program is in its 10th year. It has two parts, Youth Speak Out, which is an individual essay writing competition for college scholarship and.

Gabrielle Jones is a Native of Cleveland Ohio and a graduate of Martin Luther King High School. She was also the Grand Prize Winner of the Stop the Hate Youth Speak Out Essay Competition through the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage where she received a $50, scholarship renewable for four years to the college of her choice.

Oct 06,  · Gabrielle Jones Stop The Hate Essay Maltz Museum Blog Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage Read her essay below and register for the awards ceremony HERE.

Gabrielle Jones

InGabrielle Jones was the fourth Stop the Hate grand prize nbsp; Stop the Hate Awards ( The latest TV news and interviews from the sets of your favorite TV shows. Find TV listings for upcoming seasons on Entertainment Weekly.

Gabrielle jones stop the hate essay
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