An overview of the book about the history of sugar production

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History of sugar

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History of Sugar

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History of sugar

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In this book the author shows how Europeans and Americans transformed sugar from a rare foreign luxury to a commonplace necessity of modern life, and how 4/5(3). At this stage sugar was still a luxury and vast profits were made to the extent that sugar was called "white gold".

Sugar & Sugar Cane: Historical Resources for a Sweet Industry

Governments recognised the vast profits to be made from sugar and taxed it highly. In Britain for instance, sugar tax in totalled £, a figure that had grown by to £3, The history of sugar has five main phases: The extraction of sugar cane juice from the sugarcane plant, and the subsequent domestication of the plant in tropical Southeast Asia sometime around 8, B.C.

The history of sugar and its appalling connection with slavery worldwide is vividly brought to life in this meticulously researched book. You can really connect with the lives of the oppressed sugar workers over the last century or two.4/4(22).

Despite that the book well informs the reader of the journey of sugar throughout history, and if you enjoy reading about the formation of capitalism, Sweetness and Power contains a sweet surprise (Source: Valisa np link).

Although sugar production in Texas ended in the s, a thriving modern sugar industry emerged in Florida south of Lake Okeechobee.

History of Sugar

Since the U.S. government has assisted the sugar industry, which has a powerful lobby.

An overview of the book about the history of sugar production
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