A history of the sicilian mafia from the ninth century and until the twentieth century

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The American Mafia in the Early 20th Century

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PRIMO discusses topics of importance to Italian Americans with articles on Italian art, language, travel, food and wine. The following is a list of events for which one of the commonly accepted names includes the word "massacre."Massacre is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as "the indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people or (less commonly) animals; carnage, butchery, slaughter in numbers".

It also states that the term is used "in the names of certain massacres of history".


Reversible Destinytraces the history of the Sicilian mafia to its nineteenth-century roots and examines its late twentieth-century involvement in urban real estate and construction as well as drugs.

Based on research in the regional capital of Palermo, this book suggests lessons regarding secretive organized crime: its capacity to reproduce a.


Frank Cotroni, Cotroni was known in mob circles as “Le Gros,” French for “The Big Guy,” and “Il Cice,” an Italian phrase for the tender, life-giving core at the centre of a hard nut.

Many people had considered the Sicilian Mafia as the most ruthless mobsters of the twentieth century. By the nineteenth century, the Mafia had become known as a network of criminal thugs that dominated the Sicilian countryside.

List of events named massacres

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A history of the sicilian mafia from the ninth century and until the twentieth century
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